Whatever Seems Good and Convenient

Often God calls us to tasks that are challenging and leads us in directions that are painstakingly difficult. Jesus doesn’t guarantee His children a life of convenience and ease—He actually promises us that we will have trouble in this life (John 16:33). God consistently drives us to do things that are beyond our ability to do, so that when the victory comes we will know that it was only because of His power at work in us and not due to anything that we could have achieved on our own.

A few months ago I was really struggling with a decision I needed to make. I was having a hard time getting any direction from God and so out of exasperation I opened up my Bible and muttered a prayer under my breath, asking the Holy Spirit to speak to me through whatever verse I landed on (not always a great idea, I’ve learned).  The verse I “randomly” turned to was Jeremiah 40:4, “See, all the land is before you; wherever it seems good and convenient for you to go, go there.” 

I think I sometimes assume that if I’m given two options, God would have me choose the one that will require the most faith—the hardest, most challenging. After all, God never promises me that life will be convenient or easy. The convenient choice can’t possibly be spiritual, right? It’s almost like I’ve equated convenience with compromise. 

But, shockingly (to me), here in Jeremiah 40, the prophet was told explicitly to do whatever seemed good and convenient! 

A bit of context: it wasn’t the Lord Himself who spoke these words to Jeremiah, it was actually the captain of the Babylonian guard, serving King Nebuchadnezzar. And yet the Babylonian king freed Jeremiah from captivity and God prophetically spoke through his unbelieving military leader about the options that Jeremiah now had at this point. He could go on to Babylon or he could remain in Israel. He could choose to do whatever seemed good and convenient to do. And that’s exactly what Jeremiah did.

Yes, this life of faith is all about risks and challenges. It has its fair share of valleys and trials and tribulations. But every once in a while you will find yourself at a crossroads where the Holy Spirit says, in essence, “don’t make this too spiritual. Don’t overly think it. Don’t stress and fret and worry you’re going to make the wrong move. The whole land is before you. Move in any direction you want to.”

If your back is up against the wall today…

If you feel pressured to make a choice and you don’t know which one to choose..

If you don’t know which way to turn.

Maybe God is saying to you right now that you just need to do whatever seems good and convenient. Just keep moving forward. Even if it turns out to be the wrong choice we serve a God who can—and will—turn it around for His glory and our good!