Questioning God

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated, Spirit-filled Christian than John the Baptist. He was a tough, rugged prophet whose sole mission and purpose was to point people to his cousin, Jesus, the Messiah. People flocked out into the desert to hear John the Baptist preach a gospel of repentance and to be baptized by him in the Jordan River.

In light of John’s spirituality, it’s fascinating to hear him ask Jesus this question one day,  “Are you the one that should come, or should we look for another?” (Matthew 11:3). 

John the Baptist, sitting in a prison cell, wrongfully accused, is having a crisis of faith. Have you ever been in a prison like that?  Maybe not physically, but in your mind?  Have you questioned God about why you find yourself in the place where you’re currently at?

Below is a short message on this topic from Matthew 11:4-6 that I preached last week.